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You & Me

1. My Journey [read lyrics]
2. Be Your Own Hero [read lyrics]
3. All for You [read lyrics]
4. You Found Me [read lyrics]
5. You & Me [read lyrics]
6. I'm Gonna Love You [read lyrics]
7. The Time Traveler [read lyrics]
8. Thank You [read lyrics]
9. Skylar's Song [read lyrics]


1. Closer to You [read lyrics]
2. Today [read lyrics]
3. Dance With You (feat. Sloan Wainwright) [read lyrics]
4. Leap of Faith [read lyrics]
5. Moving On [read lyrics]
6. Real [read lyrics]
7. Forgiveness [read lyrics]
8. Breathe With Me [read lyrics]
9. Lullaby [read lyrics]
10. Leap of Faith (Strings Version) [read lyrics]
11. Leader of the Band [read lyrics]

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