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I'm so excited to introduce you to my Music/Health & Wellness site. As you navigate yourself through the pages, you'll get to learn more about me & all the fun and exciting things I do. Also my new album "REAL" is being released this May 2012. You'll have a chance to listen to it here first! Enjoy!

REAL: The New Release From Austin Marolla

On Sale Now at CDBaby
"Synchronicity: That's what this album is for me. I dreamed of writing songs about putting my dreams out there. Now all the songs are REAL & coming true, right in front of me. Each song has a message straight from my heart. Whether it's about getting closer to love (Closer To You), seizing your day (TODAY), moving on with your life (Moving On) or simply believing in yourself & taking a leap of faith (Leap Of Faith). Every song has a positive message. I believe in the power of the spoken word. What you believe you can achieve. And that's who I strive to be every day."

-Austin Marolla

Performer’s Quotes:

“Listen up !
I can't get Austins songs out of my head ! - Inspiring messages with memorable melodies - brimming with energy and infused with love - written directly from the heart.

Austin Marolla is a natural born songwriter.”

-Sloan Wainwright

"Austin is very passionate about his music and has a great ability to connect inspiration and creativity. I enjoyed working with him in Hawaii and look forward to hearing more and more of his original songs."

-Jeff Peterson
(friend and master slack key guitar teacher in Oahu, Hawaii: 2 time Grammy award winner for Best Hawaiian Album of the Year)


20140626-The World Cup International Music with Patrick McCarthy

20140619-Summer Solstice Music with Rufus Wainwright

20140612-Sexy Summer Jams with Kevin Rennard aka Flotilla DeBarge

20140605-The Best of Broadway with Producer Scott Mauro

20140529-The Country and Western Music Special with Carrington MacDuffie

20140522-Electronic Dance Music with International DJ Jase

20140515-The Music of Science Fiction with Brandon Herman and Adam Shutty

20140508-The Cocktail Hour

20140501-A Musical Month of May

20140424-The Family That Sings Together with Loudon Wainwright III

20140306-Marching into March with Brooks Williams

20140227-The Music of the Oscars

20140220-All Because of Love with Dominique de Cock

20140206-Golden Olympic Music

20131212-A Holiday Music Festival - Part 2

20131205-A Holiday Music Festival - Part 1

20131121-The Music of Thanks with Carolann Solebello

20131114-Celebrating Autumn with Sharon Goldman

20131107-A Dance with You with Lynn Barr

20131031-A Spooktacular Halloween with Skip Sams

20131024-Be Your Own Hero with Tom Boyd

20131017-The Sounds of Invention

20131010-Transported by Music with Joe Miloscia

20131003-A Trip to the Museum

20130926-Best Kept Secrets in Music with Jason Myles Goss

20130919-Mythology Muses and Music with Monty Taylor

20130912-Music of Brooklyn NY with Gerald Duchene

20130905-You Have a Friend

20130725-Songs of the Animals with Stephen Murphy

20130718-On the Wings of Change with Julie Gold

20130711-Music of Vision

20130627-Diversity Acceptance and Pride with Rachael Sage

20130620-Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer with David Roth

20130613-For Our Fathers with Turner Adams

20130606-Celebrating Broadway with Kevin Reed

20130523-Food for the Soul with Bob Sima

20130516-I Got The Power with Karen Drucker

20130509-Songs for Mama with Suzzy Roche

20130502-As Fearless As Spring with Alan Cumming

20130425-Gratitude For Our Listeners

20130418-Music of the Elements- Fire and Air

20130411-Music of the Elements- Earth and Water- with Alethea Worden

20130404-Mind-Body-Spirit-Music Connection with Dr Doug Waldruff

20130328-Sweet Forgiveness with Robi Hager

20130321-The Road to Peace with Kate Campbell

20130314-Its All In The Numbers with Susan Harris Layne

20130307-A Rainbow of Colors with Glen Roethel

20130228-Dreams and Wishes with Sam McTavey

20130221-Faith and Inspiration with Teri Scheinzeit

20130214-Dedicated to All Things Love

20130207-Celebrating Beginnings



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